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Introducing the Surf Søstre 9'0 - Experience Surfing Bliss!

Spotting a Surf Søstre longboard in the line-up has never been easier! This exceptional board takes your surfing experience to new heights by offering unmatched convenience and performance.

Crafted as the ultimate cruzer girl, the Surf Søstre 9'0 is an absolute champion in conquering small Danish waves. But its capabilities extend far beyond that! For those who have secretly yearned to delve into the world of longboarding, this board is a dream come true. With each effortless glide, it transports your mind to a sunny coastal city, capturing the essence of carefree surfing.


Who is this board perfect for?

Look no further if your goal is to ride a longboard with a slow, lazy, and effortlessly cool style, departing from the fast and sharp shortboard approach. Additionally, when faced with smaller waves, the Surf Søstre 9'0 becomes your go-to companion due to its larger size and enhanced stability. Prepare yourself for an abundance of fun-filled days on the water, as this board unlocks endless possibilities.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your surfing experience to new levels of style and comfort. Choose the Surf Søstre 9'0 and discover the sheer joy of riding the waves with grace and finesse.

Sunny Soul, Longboard 9'0 - 63L

kr 5.995,00Price
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