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Who we are 

For Sisters who are stoked about the sea

Hi! We are Surf Søstre. A surf and water sports community for women in the Nordic regions. We provide
a safe space to rediscover yourself while you rediscover nature.


Surf Søstre is built on a desire to bring women together in the surf environment.

A desire to gain more awareness of all the female surfers, to

strengthen the current talent and to support more women

entering into this world. With Surf Søstre we hope to broaden

the fellowship of awesome female surfers, support female

friendships and invite new awesome girls to the amazing world on a board.


What is Surf Søstre? A warrior cry to the fearless women. The girls who can
 and the girls who can’t, but want to anyway. Embracing the grazes and bruises, the curves and the messy hair. Imperfectly beautiful. Raw and real. Surf Søstre’s exists
 to inspire the women who are inspired by nature. We
 want to look like how you feel when you catch a wave.
 We are a movement that gets you moving, for the outsiders who want to get outside more and for nature lovers who love feeling like natural women. Rediscover yourself while you rediscover nature.


Who is Surf Søstre?


Matilde and Kirstine bonded through a passion for surfing ages ago & the Surf Søstre dream started blooming on a trip to Marocco just before corona madness kicked off.. We want to share our love of surfing, whether you’re an experienced surfer or never picked up a board before. Matilde is based in Rødvig, and get her kicks of living the surfer mom life just by the stunning coastline of Stevns Klint. When Kirstine isn't surfing the concrete of Vesterbro, Copenhagen she escapes the concrete jungle by hosting our Surf Trips. 

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