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Introducing the Retro Fish 6'6 - Unleash Your Surfing Style!

Spotting a Surf Søstre retro fish surfboard in the line-up has never been easier! This exceptional board not only catches smaller waves with ease but also delivers an exciting and dynamic performance in larger waves, allowing you to progress and unleash your skills with confident carves, turns, and cut-backs.


Who is this board perfect for?

Look no further if you've been surfing for a couple of years as an intermediate and have set your sights on mastering a shortboard. The Retro Fish 6'6 provides you with the exhilarating feeling of a shortboard, coupled with ample volume to keep you stable on the water. For added versatility, you can switch from a quad fin setup to a twin fin setup, unlocking more speed and maneuverability on the waves.

This board is undoubtedly a statement piece for surf enthusiasts who appreciate both style and performance. It not only looks great but also delivers an exceptional surfing experience that will turn heads and earn the respect of surf aficionados.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to ride in style. Choose the Retro Fish 6'6 and experience the thrill of surfing with a board that embodies both aesthetics and functionality. Get ready to make a statement and take your surfing to new heights!



Retro fish, 6'6 - 50L

kr 4.625,00Price
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