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Now it can be even more easy to spot a Surf Søstre in the line-up!


This is the most all around board you will ever get your hands on.

The length and volume makes it a great board for you who is bying the first board after surfing soft tops. Though it has a really good stability for newbies it also is a board you can progress your surfing on for many years a head. Not too big - not too small.


It is a funboard style but if you want to play with your inner longboarder, you can chance the quad fin setup to a single fin.  It allows you to do a more stylish, smoother turns, resulting in a more elegant approach of surfing. It does feel stiffer than a lot of the fin set ups but it gives that stability when the waves are powerful.


Who is this board great for?

This is for you who have been surfing on a soft top and want's to buy your first "real" surf board to progress on. This board is also for you who wants the stability when surfing Danish waves that sometimes is a bit to the smaler size. 


Pink skye, 7'6 - 53L

kr 4.995,00Price
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