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A Surf Søstre signature tailormade surf program

This is the right program for you if...

- you have a surf holiday planed 

- you need a tailor made workout plan to get in shape for your next surf holiday without doing the thinking, just the doing


you don't want to join an expensive yoga or fitness center to get in great shape. 

- you need the secrets to get in surf shape fast and efficient (...I'll tell you, this program is tailormade by the most lazy surfer, who takes every loophole to get in shape without doing workout all day)

- you need balance and flexibility in your mind and body

- you need some motivators to get you going. During this program, we will give you little gifts of motivators to keep you going and keep up the surf stoke. 

Get in surf shape NOW

  • Online surf program

    Powerfull surf fit program for lazy ladies
    Valid for 6 months
    • Yoga
    • Ginastic Natural
    • Guided meditation
    • Weekly DK surf forecast
    • Surf strength workout
    • Motivations

Want to know more about the program... keep reading

Join us in a 4 weeks surf fit program you can copy paste each month to keep your surf shape and stoke alive until you hit your next surf adventure or you just need to keep your body ready for your 

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