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May 18-21.
Your surf trip created & guided 

For sisters who are stoked about the sea.


SURF SØSTRE are incredibly delighted to invite you for a long weekend of surfing, movement and a whole lot of sisterhood fun on the wild west coast of Denmark.

This retreat will be one of a vibrant exploration and pure magic for the body, mind and soul. 


We will unplug from the routine of everyday life to immerse ourselves through surfing, movement, music and meditation. There will be plenty of time to relax and restore as well as explore the wild and rough nature around Klitmøller.


Kirstine & Matilde who are the founders of Surf Søstre will be your guides on this magical trip. 



We will always go surfing as a group and hook you up by level. Our Surf Søstre Summer House is 2 min. walk from our local Surf instructors shop, so normally we start the morning/afternoon (depending on the waves) getting gear for those who need to rent. If you are a newbie on a surf board we gladly give you some advice and tricks to catch your first wave, but we highly recommend you to book one of our extern surf instructors. Luckily we got a great discount on that too and we'll organise everything as a group, so we all will be surfing together and cheering on each other in true Surf Søstre spirit. 

We also got your back if you're an intermediate and wan't to improve - just give us a shout and we'll book your instructor. In case you can’t get enough and out of the waves you are more than welcome to stay as long as you like and join in on the group program later on during the day.


As we all know, waves come with a certain weather type and as we can not control the weather, we can not guarantee we got waves on our retreat dates.

So what if no waves show up?

We will do our best to make the most out of it anyway. We have several options to either jump the wakeboard cable park for some great waterfun or go skateboarding in the in the skatepark where we can chase the flow state and improve our surfing skills on land. Also if there are no waves, we will arrange a silent wandering in the stunning national park of Thy. 

As both Matilde and Kirstine are working as professional hairstylists and makeup artists they will also be arranging a salty aftersurf look tutorial.




3x guided morning meditation

We will be setting the intentions for a beautiful day ahead. Meditation brings you so much energy, therefore it is actually very giving to begin the day with a mindfull meditation instead of at the end.


1x cacao ceremony combined with a spiritual Surf Søstre cirkel 

We will dive into a vibrant evening with focus on your inner universe, the moon phases and the energies that are active at the moment. We will be tuning into mental health, where we also will throw the ball around and check in with each of you and get a collective blooming talk up and running.

2x yoga or flexible work

To loosen up those surf muscles we will be doing yoga and flexible work combined with some Ginastica Naturale movements all to loosen up your limps and create balance. This will help you improve your surfing by 100.

  • 2 sessions on the mat each day

  • Cacao circle 

  • yoga

  • Flexible work w. Ginastica N. movements



When will  you ever get the chance to have someone collect a group for you with other likeminded awesome women?

There is just something special buzzing in the community of Surf Søstre. It is this invisible thing that is difficult to explain, but you certainly feel it when we hang out. First of all we have all experienced the magic touch of what surfing can do to you. When we get together there is so much adventurous talk going on. Imagine the spark in a room where people talk about their most glorious adventures and girls sharing travel stories?


We’re beyond GRATEFUL for the support and good vibes from all of you! 


The community is growing in rapid speed and it truly makes our hearts grow bigger ~ Surf Søstre is created & is constantly co-creating with the flowing energy of everyone giving their love and uniqueness 

At our retreats you meet other Surf Søstre you can keep your stoke alive with, maybe even ride the waves of life together with. Because we truly believe in the power of community, humans are starting to realise that they need each other, we need deep meaningful conversations, people to widnes our achievements and growth, people to enjoy your interest with and be a part of a tribe that is made for you.

Surf Søstre is growing and glowing because of all of the awesome girls that are contributing with amazing energy 💖✨


Excited about all the waves we’re gonna catch together in the future and THANK YOU to everyone for following along, sending good vibes, spreading the word, engaging, contributing 💙 This is what Surf Søstre is all about ~ sharing is caring and caring is cool! We care about sisterhood, community, mental health, patience and spreading the love & good vibezzzzz - and today; our love is overflowing from our entire bodies when we think of the beautiful souls that are a part of this movement 🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏾‍♀️🏄‍♀️🤙

Skærmbillede 2022-06-24 kl. 08.08.31.png
Skærmbillede 2022-06-24 kl. 08.08.31.png


​The house is a communal house divided into two floors, on the upper floor you will find 5 private double rooms, and on the lower floor, common areas. There is a kitchen, dining room, living room, TV lounge, large garden, garage, and 2 shared bathrooms. The house is centrally located 150 meters from the water, and the nearest surf spot, 500 meters from supermarket. Everything in Klitmøller is within walking distance.​

  • 3x nights at Noah's Ark in a shared double room

  • Kitchen & washing machine you can use

  • 2 bathrooms/toilets 

  • free wifi


  • Making new friends 

  • Get reminded of how to live a lifestyle in balance with nature

  • explore the magical west coast and that special vibe

  • magical sunsets

  • no jetlag just a car ride to get there

  • finding your tribe

  • getting better at surfing

  • getting hands on the signature Surf Søstre goodiebag full of awesome salty brands

  • be a part of this awesome blooming sisterhood

  • eating delicious food

  • be more connected to yourself and your inner voice



  • 3x brekkie

  • free coffee

  • 1x welcoming dinner vegetarian and dairy free 

  • including a glass of wine from our local Danish wine farm

  • 1x bunfire dinner

Organic Vegetables


You will have to arrange your own transport to Klitmøller, but you can type in your comment when booking, if you have an extra space in your car for a fellow Surf Søstre or if you need a ride, then we might be able to hook you up and you can split the cost of transport. Otherwise you can check out the public transportation from your location



  • surf lessons (we got 20% discount for you)

  • surf gear (we got 20% discount for you)

  • lunch

  • 1 night eating out

  • transport to Klitmøller

  • if we decide to go to the capel park or skatepark

Note: Surf gear + classes is not included, but look at this awesome offer we got at Viking Surfhouse

You will get 20% on all surf gear rent


Take 20 % on all of these prices below:


3 hours rent:


Board: 200 kr

Wetsuit: 100 kr

Neopren accessories: 50 kr


1 day rent:


Board: 300 kr

Wetsuit: 150 kr

Neopren accessories: 100 kr


5 days rent:


Board: 1000 kr

Wetsuit: 350 kr


If you will like to book a surf lesson with the Viking boys the offer price will be 449 kr also included surfgear.


  • 3 nights at Noah's Ark Klitmøller

  • your special signature Surf Søstre goodie bag

  • breakfast

  • welcoming dinner

  • bonfire dinner night

  • cacao ceremony

  • 3x guided meditation

  • 2x yoga/flexible workout

If no waves:

  • silent wandering in the National Park of Thy

  • Sunny surf look beauty tutorial

2.500 kr

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